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Here's The Deal. And I'm not holding back.

I remember it like it was yesterday...

 I was stuck at the mid-level ranks for longer than I'd like to admit and I was NOT slacking off. I was working my butt off. For every new person I brought onto my team I'd lose 5. NO matter how hard I worked I couldn't duplicate myself and my team was a revolving door.

My daughter was playing weekend soccer and I missed almost every game because I was stuck on zoom calls or driving hours to go to meetings for my business. I kept telling my husband that it would all pay off soon!

It was another soccer Saturday and I was driving home from a business event where we only sold a few hundred dollars of products. My husband sent me a video of my little girl on the soccer field and I sat there in traffic with tears in my eyes and regret. I wondered how much longer I was going to be able to keep this up.

When would it finally be my turn? When would I be able to stop grinding 24/7?

That moment was a turning point for me and it's the day that I decided to stop the in person hustle, the constant product promo posts, and awkward cold messages.

It's the day I committed to learning a new way.

I decided I was going to build a brand on social media and build a duplicatable system for my team.

A system that would allow my team to run on autopilot while I spent time with the people that matter most. My family.

When your business needs your constant presence to do EVERYTHING you don't have a sustainable business model. 

 If you don't have a duplicatable system that runs on autopilot you don't have downline duplication which makes scaling your business IMPOSSIBLE.

 Scaling a business isn't the same as building a business, and I did not scale my OWN business without plugging into a high level mentor who was where I WANTED to be. 

 I'm Partnering With A Select FEW HIGHLY MOTIVATED Network Marketers Outside My Team WHO I KNOW are committed to rolling up their sleeves and doing the work!




I Will Personally Mentor You Teaching You EXACTLY How I Built A Multiple Six Figures Business & Now Run It On AUTOPILOT

... thats RIGHT my hands in your Businesss

12 Week


1:1 Mentorship w/ Bec

Digital CEO 1:1 Mentorship



You'll get a private link to Bec's personal calendar. 


9 Module Course that delivers Bec's signature Digital CEO Process.


Whatever you're working on post it in the group and get Bec's hands in your BIZ.

Hey! Bec Here!

If you're here it's because you're a dedicated entrepreneur, and you believe in the community and income potential of your company.  

And by this point you likely know a bit about me and how I built to the top 1% of my company in two years. This isn't the space for fluff, so I'm not gonna give you any. 

Building a multiple 6 figure business like I have takes grit and determination. Showing up everyday and spending time on the wrong things and things that don't duplicate, well, they're never going to get you there. I've yet to meet someone at the very top of their company who did not have a mentor. 

Someone who was where they wanted to be. Someone who could look into their business with an objective eye and help fill the gaps.

I've had a lot of people ask to work with me 1:1. And to be honest, this is something I never offered in the past because I wanted to make sure my own business was SOLID ROCK, and I had a large team of Legendary Leaders.

I've done that! To be honest my business could run without me and never skip a beat. (Not that I'd let it)

For those who do work with me at this level. You'll be mentored by someone who has built to the top of her company. Someone who is not going to sell you something and then hand you off. Someone who is not going to place a course into your hands and tell you have everything you need to make it... just do the work.

I don't roll like that.

So if you're ready to show up, if you're ready to invest, and you're ready to let nothing stop you... then I'm ready to align with you and your vision and help you build a next level business.

Who Is the Digital Mentorship Mastermind for...

This high touch Mentorship is for those...

  • Who desire a NO nonsense approach to become a top leader and build top leaders.
  • ​Who are committed to building a solid, sustainable business that offers both time & financial freedom
  • ​Who view mentorship NOT as an expense but an opportunity 
  • ​Who not ONLY want it but want it BAD and are ready to roll up their selves and go to work to GET results

This high touch Mentorship is not for those...

  • Who prefer to take a back seat and have someone do the work for them 
  • ​Who are looking for an easy way to build bank. This is real strategy and real systems that require active participation. 
  •  Who do not whole heartedly believe their business is worth investing in.
  • Who aren't willing to plug into the mentorship. If you want a six fig biz you must show up like a six figure earner. 

Here's what other high performing leaders are saying about Bec...

Bec's Mentorship was pivotal for me in so many ways, both personally and professionally! It put me on the right path and gave me the right tools to rank advance to the top 5% of my company. Within the first couple of weeks of joining I had 863 new targeted leads from ONE simple post. I was blown away. All viable leads from one post.

Since that one post, I have added over 90 new prospects into my private group and have rank advanced several times. 

Colleen Sullivan

ADHD Holistic Health Coach and Network Marketer

By week 3 I ranked advanced 5 times and converted 20 new customers from my Facebook group. I have since had my first ever 5 figure month in the industry and quit my full-time teaching job. I now actually feel like a TRUE digital CEO and a TRUE social media marketer.

Love you Bec!!

Tina Margaris

Menopause Weight Busters Leader and Network Marketer

Now that I've finished the Digital CEO Mastermind, I know without question that I now have the skills that I need to be a great leader to others in the industry.

I’ve got my niche dialed in, know exactly who I’m serving, and have a duplicatable strategy. I no longer need to worry if someone joins me, “how am I going to help them.”

Shane Roitz

The Small Town Entrepreneur Movement and Network Marketer

 Before I started the Digital CEO coaching program I felt defeated. I felt like I was just making a bunch of content and throwing it out there to the masses and nothing was landing. I chose to work with Bec because I have seen her results and knew I could trust her. My biggest breakthrough was in week 1 when I identified my niche and just ran with it. Now i have people reaching out to me, booking calls and placing orders. The best part is that since starting the digital CEO program I have promoted to the top 2% of my company. 

Bree Stillings

Beauty Boss and Network Marketer

You can DIY anything but at what cost...

Tell me this-

How much more could you get done if you knew exactly what to focus on today, tomorrow, and next week?

How quickly could you scale your business if there were 10 of you INSTEAD of one?

How many leaders would stay committed if they knew EXACTLY what they needed to do to find quality leads, close them, and get quick wins?

How many more people could you inspire if you weren't holding ANYTHING back due to burn out?

How would you spend your FREE TIME if you worked half as much and EARNED MORE, MUCH MORE?




When I finally committed and INVESTED in mentorship (not coaching) I identified holes in my business that I didn't even know existed. 

I began maximizing my time by working smarter not harder. By trusting the process and the expertise of someone who already had what I so desperately wanted. And before I knew it, it all came together. And I was able to stop hand holding my leaders and instead perfect the systems they needed. 

I worked twice as hard as I ever did those first few months. But the return on my investment, both money wise and time wise was and continues to be WITHOUT limit. 

My business is now a sustainable, scalable well oiled machine that runs on auto-pilot. And if I can do it so can you. 

DIGITAL CEO 1:1 Mentorship VS Group Coaching... what's the difference? 

Why 1:1 Mentorship??

  • Bec's hands in your business.
  • Laser focused. Intimate, custom approach to ensuring you reach your goals.
  • ​​ Learn the exact framework Bec has used to build a multiple six figure business in an easy to follow 9 module course.
  •  Strategize with Bec on your team duplication strategy. Learn, implement, assess and re-assess in order to light a FIRE in your BIZ.

8 WEEK  


1:1 Mentorship





    What makes this different than other offers/opportunites?

    You'll be learning from someone who's done it. I will not hand you off. This is not just a course. Unfortunately, more often than not people who market programs related to systemizing your network marketing business haven't actually built the systems themselves. And they certainly don't lead a team of over 20,000. Or do over 1 million in team sales monthly. They've merely mastered the art of marketing/selling the course they represent. This is personal mentorship from someone in the trenches with you.

    What type of other networking/leadership opportunities will be available to me?

    People who mentor with me will have an opportunity to appear as a guest on my Podcast: Digital CEO.

    Will everyone who applies be accepted?

    It's likely that mentorship at this level is not right for everyone who applies. But we encourage everyone who feels led to apply. Please note: spaces for 1:1 mentorship are limited and often times there is a waitlist.

    What type of investment is required?

    This is high touch 1:1 mentorship from a top leader, and it does require a significant investment. Bec herself has invested over 100k in mentorship, and she has complied everything she has learned into this mentorship for a mere fraction of that price. Bec's team recently hit 1 million in sales in a one month period, and she is ready and willing to teach you the strategy and systems you need to make and crush your goals too!

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